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Dr. Kelly Luu

Pediatrician & Coach

Dr. Kelly Luu is a physician and coach dedicated to helping physicians change the way they practice medicine. As a pediatrician, clinic owner, medical educator, and mother of young boys, she understands the balancing act we do each day. She supports mothers and women physicians in finding clarity around who they want to be and empowers them to create change.


Dr. Luu completed her medical degree at McMaster University and her residency at the University of British Columbia. She practices medicine at The Kids Clinic in Vancouver, BC, and as part of the BC Children’s Hospital’s outreach team RICHER. She is UBC Clinical Associate Professor. As a pediatrician, she believes deeply in the power of positive influences on the trajectory of a child’s life. Her ultimate vision is to transform the lives of children by inspiring the adults around them to become their most authentic selves. She can be reached at

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